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EDITORIAL: Targets of Doherty Bullying Fighting Back Today

A news conference scheduled at 4:45 pm today on the steps of the Sullivan County courthouse is expected to allege that Legislature Chair Rob Doherty deliberately prevented some legislators from participating in proceedings via Zoom at a hastily called Special Meeting last Friday afternoon.

One example was Legislator Nadia Rajsz who on audio only said the County's video system disallowed her from showing her face on screen. That led to Doherty and Deputy County Attorney Thomas Cawley stating that she could not vote on any matters before the body. Rajsz was fuming, and rightfully so.

An independent investigation needs to be conducted to determine if Doherty - with the possible blessings of the corrupt County Attorney's Office and any other County employees/legislators - played a criminal role in preventing a duly elected legislator from performing his/her duties. Any such investigation must include County Manager Josh Potosek, Chief Information Officer Lorne Greene, who quietly resigned from the Sullivan County Board of Ethics earlier this year, and Communications Director Dan Hust.

Doherty has previously weaponized the taxpayer-funded County website - as well as the County Board of Ethics - to lie about and attack those who challenge his authority on issues like privatizing The Care Center at Sunset Lake and the threats to terminate the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association contract.

Doherty was sued in March by Legislator Luis Alvarez, who alleges that Doherty defamed him by spreading the unsubstantiated statement in person and online that Alvarez used the "c" word to refer to former Health & Family Services Comissioner Stephanie Brown. Doherty is also now the recipient of an official complaint filed by Legislator Joe Perrello who Doherty referred to as a "punk" three times while pointing his finger at him at a recent legislative meeting.

In a recent editorial, this media outlet was the first (and believed to be the only) in the region to call for Doherty's resignation. That call was quickly followed by the Executive Committee of the Sullivan County Democratic Committee. That's because Doherty's mental instability has moved him from unethical behavior to possible criminal behavior.

It's good to see that Legislators Alvarez, Rajsz, Perrello and Ira Steingart finally fighting back today. But it will take much more than that to topple this maskless, arrogant tyrant who doesn't think rules and laws apply to him.

Legislature Chair Rob Doherty, at right, with County Manager Josh Potosek earlier this year.


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