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  • Rich Klein

EDITORIAL: Yes, Holiday Party Story Is Newsworthy

Since our story this morning about a holiday party at Ciao Bella, some have questioned why this is newsworthy.

When law enforcement officers go to a party unmasked in a facility that was likely over capacity - and those law enforcement officers are not enforcing any social distancing and mask wearing ordered by the state Department of Health - that's a serious dereliction of duty and a real credibility problem for any police department represented there.

Let's say one of those officers contracted Covid on December 12. He or she then goes home to a family member (maybe even someone very vulnerable), goes into the Sheriff's Patrol office or their police station the next day, and possibly interacts with ANY number of citizens while on patrol.

How many people do you think could be potentially infected then?

Those screaming about their "freedoms" seem to conveniently forget that no one has the ethical right to infect innocent bystanders because they don't feel like following simple guidelines.

And, yes, law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard on issues like this, as it should be.

Remember, too, that the County's Public Health Department does not always issue Covid advisories regarding exposures.

But on December 17, it chose to do so - and that's likely because the department realized that people were likely at risk who came in contact. That's why contact tracing was conducted.

Finally, isn't it ironic that just a few weeks ago, on January 28, Sheriff's deputies were ordered to the Government Center, supposedly to make sure that all Covid protocols were being followed by citizens who were there to speak during public comments.


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