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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Town of Thompson council member Scott Mace, the Republican candidate for town supervisor, denied during an interview Tuesday night that he has a drug addiction problem.

"It's not an addiction thing," Mace told WJFF. "It's a pain thing."

As reported in May exclusively by The SullivanTimes, Mace was arrested that month by the New York State Police and charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor related to drug possession and falsifying business records.

The incident allegedly involved the theft of oxycontin from the Rock Hill Pharmacy that he owned for many years.

After recusals by the two Town of Thompson judges, Mace was arraigned by County Court Judge Jim Farrell on May 24. But Farrell, the former District Attorney, sent the case down to Town of Mamakating court.

There, Judge Terrence Mullen recently recused himself and sent the case back to County Court. (Town and Village courts in New York State can only adjudicate misdemeanors but not felonies).

A clerk for Sullivan County Court today told The SullivanTimes that People vs Scott Mace is not on any upcoming calendar for either Farrell or County Court Judge E. Danielle Jose-Decker.

Mace said during Tuesday's interview that he did not know why Mullen suddenly recused himself but thought it was strange that it happened only after seeing his opponent, Democrat incumbent Bill Rieber, attending the most recent Mamakating court session.

(The SullivanTimes has asked for and is waiting for a copy of the criminal term transcript from the day Mullen recused himself)

"Scott should be asking for our (Thompson residents') forgiveness, not our vote," Rieber said as part of a statement that was read Tuesday night on the radio station.

Mace told WFJJ that he recently had two surgeries to "take care of the pain. "

Meanwhile, the Sullivan County Republican Committee has been eerily silent about Mace while demonstrating strong support for Republican Katherine Rappaport, who is running to become Town of Fallsburg supervisor.


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