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  • Rich Klein


(This story replaces one that appeared last night that contained some inaccurate information)

Town of Callicoon Supervisor Tom Bose today confirmed to The SullivanTimes that two town employees have tested positive for Covid-19 and said he relayed that information to Sullivan County Public Health.

The SullivanTimes reported last night (in a story that has now been removed) that three employees had recently tested positive, based on information from a source.

Bose this morning adamantly denied that two other employees had also been exposed to the virus -as previously reported by The SullivanTimes - and that they were working in Town Hall (Jeffersonville). He says Town Hall has been shuttered due to Covid-19.

He also said that the town attorney - Marvin Newberg - would be sending out a news release today about the situation.

The Town of Callicoon has not posted anything to its website about the positive cases. And the County has not issued any public health advisory.

Bose said that he just picked up a phone message this morning from The SullivanTimes that was left on Wednesday. An additional call by this media outlet to board member David Kuebler on Thursday was not returned.


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