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BREAKING: Burt Kohn, the Care Center at Sunset Lake administrator who started the job last October, has been suspended as of Tuesday.

The information came from two sources with knowledge of the situation.

Kohn was hired last October after the abrupt resignation of his predecessor, Sherrita Alexander, on August 11, 2020 after four months in the position. Her departure came after The SullivanTimes reported exclusively that Alexander may not have been truthful about her length of employment at her prior position.

Multiple sources have told The SullivanTimes that morale among Care Center employees in recent months had been steadily decreasing under Kohn's leadership. That may explain, in part, why Kohn often reported to the County Legislature that there was a shortage of staff.

Cynthia Hathaway, the Care Center's director of nursing, has been appointed as acting administrator, according to one of the sources.

News of Kohn's suspension comes as the County is nearing completion of a contract with Infinite Care to take over the leasing/management of The Care Center.

Below is some background about Kohn.


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