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  • Rich Klein

Daniel Resnick's Negotiations With Government Continue

Daniel "Butch" Resnick, a co-owner of The Resnick Group that has multiple real estate holdings and businesses in Sullivan County, has received a written plea offer from the government stemming from his arrest in December 2021, according to court papers filed in September.

"Although the parties have not yet reached agreement on a plea, the parties have had significant continued discussions, and the Government has made a written plea offer, which does not expire until after the upcoming indictment deadline, and which the defense is in the process of considering,'" according to a stipulation signed by Resnick on September 10 and filed with the court on September 21.

Resnick, who is facing allegations of money laundering and securities fraud, was released on bond earlier this year.

The SullivanTimes reported exclusively in May that negotiations with the Department of Justice has started soon after Resnick brought in a new legal team from the law firm Cahill Gordon.


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