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  • Rich Klein

Editor's Note: Change in format for The SullivanTimes

Effective immediately, The SullivanTimes will be shifting our news coverage.

Since its founding in 2018, this has always been a one-person, volunteer operation with minimal funding.

Going forward - here and at - the focus will be on more in-depth, investigative stories that may take weeks or months to produce. Those stories will be published in digital text but may also appear as podcasts and visual storytelling that includes video.

Our original mission was to "cover and uncover" the biggest stories in Sullivan. But, I've realized there's just too much news to cover and too little time to do it effectively.

I believe that the biggest strength of The SullivanTimes has been a commitment to publish stories about government, non-profits and business that other media outlets shy away from.

I'll continue to share news releases and important regional/national/global news on the page to compliment investigative and in-depth stories that you will see a few times per month.

With nearly 6,100 Facebook page followers and thousands more who read our biggest stories, I'm continually and eternally grateful for those in Sullivan and beyond who continue to make The SullivanTimes part of their news consumption.

-Rich Klein


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