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  • Rich Klein

EDITORIAL: Bizarre That Feldman Exchanged No Emails with Doherty/McGuire From 10/1 Through 11/12

County Legislature Chair Rob Doherty and County Attorney Michael McGuire did not have ANY email correspondence with Lowell Feldman, the chair of the Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation (LDC) between October 1 and November 12 of this year.


At least that's what the County is telling The SullivanTimes, which made a Freedom of Information Law request earlier this week.

On November 2, 2021, Doherty, McGuire and then-LDC Member Michelle Huck (who is the assistant county manager), barged into a Town of Liberty Board of Assessors meeting and demanded that the Town cease its attempt to collect $226,000 in taxes for the Care Center parcel that's now owned by the LDC.

If Feldman is the chair, you'd think that he'd be made aware in at least ONE email by Doherty and McGuire ("The Delusional Duo") that they were planning to visit Liberty since, technically, the LDC owes the taxes to the Town.

You'd also think they'd be an email very soon after the November 2 fiasco from Doherty/McGuire to inform Feldman about the tax dispute that directly involves the LDC.

Apparently, none exist.

Which only reaffirms what we've long believed here: that the LDC was never intended to be an independent entity from the County Legislature Chair and County Attorney.

We find it hard to believe there are no emails, especially from the typically long-winded McGuire, on this matter.

And we hope other members of the public start asking hard questions about why County taxpayers will have to foot some or all of the bill from Liberty to the tune of $226,000 - because the County failed to perform due diligence before Doherty signed his name and authorized the property transfer nearly one year ago.


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