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Edward Jacob Lang, the Narrowsburg native facing multiple felony charges for his actions during the January 6 riots, spread more B.S. in an interview he did a few days ago.

The first big lie from Lang, speaking from a prison in Alexandria, VA, was that nobody brought weapons to the Capitol on that day.

Except that Lang was shown in a clear image actually holding baseball bat in one hand and a police shield in another while wearing a gas mask and stands accused of violently attacking Capitol Police officers.

Lang is one of the 800 defendants charged in connection with the Jan. 6 riot but also one of the 85 accused of using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer.

And after Monday's Congressional hearings into the events of January 6, it's become even more clear -- including from many in Trump's inner circle who testified - that Donald J. Trump was the ONLY candidate trying to steal an election that was lawfully won by Joe Biden.

The hearings on Monday documented in great detail that Trump took actions while in the Oval Office - in a lame, unethical and likely illegal attempt - to change the election outcome.

Donald Trump was also the only candidate who incited a violent mob and then did nothing to stop it until very late in the day..and then he told the rioters that he "loved them."

Just like when he referred to "good people on both sides" when white supremacists started trouble in Charlottesville, VA that led to the death of a young woman.

In early 2021, Ned Lang (the former Town of Tusten council member and local business owner) blamed drug addiction for his son's behavior at the Capitol and subsequent arrest following January 6.

But even after leaving Washington on January 6, Jake Lang spent at least another week actively recruiting other Trump supporters online and encouraging them to commit MORE violence leading up to the inauguration. He was then arrested at his Newburgh home on January 16, 2021.

It's indeed sad that Lang, like so many others in his age group today, became addicted to drugs. And it's an awful thing for any parents to see their child fall prey to substance abuse.

But it's more than likely that the “drug" that landed Edward Lang at the Capitol and that led to his arrest was named Ned Lang, whose long-standing vocal and financial support for Trump can't be ignored when you consider how his son developed his own beliefs about the former president.

The hearings are shedding new light on what happened before, during and after January 6.

As Americans, or as "patriots" all we have to know is what really matters for the future: that Trump lied and schemed to steal an election, incited a violent mob and has chipped away at the world's model for democracy that until recently seemed unbreakable.


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