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EDITORIAL: Ask Local Leaders About Today's NY Times Piece Regarding Treatment of Hasidic Children

The schools appear to be operating in violation of state laws that guarantee children an adequate education.” - The New York Times today.

After reading the excellent article in today's New York Times about how Hasidic schools are failing children, it's time for citizens in Sullivan County to pay closer attention to our elected officials and other leaders in the community who have shown too much deference to Hasidic/Satmar leaders here in Sullivan.

The article, which we linked in a previous post, explores how the community intentionally steers its children away from the English language (even forbidding the language to be spoken at home in some cases) and away from basic math and science skills. It mentions a homeless man, now living at the Knights Inn in Liberty, who fled the Hasidim life and is struggling in his life.

He is one of many, according to the investigative article in today’s Times.

So next time you see Sheriff Mike Schiff, Undersheriff Eric Chaboty, Legislature Chair Rob Doherty, Senator Mike Martucci (retiring) and DA Meagan Galligan - who have spent considerable time courting and winning the votes of the Hasidic community - ask them about the serious child abuse that's being inflicted on many Hasidic youth and covered up.

Ask these self-proclaimed local “patriots” if it's OK for the Hasidic/Satmar leaders to take public monies, yet deny children the right to learn the English language.

And, don’t forget to ask your local town, planning and zoning board officials the same questions the next time they want to give a wink and a nod - or skirt their own zoning laws - to accommodate a Hasidic/Satmar developer.

(Remember, too, that the operators of the Adult Care Center at Sunset Lake (Infinite Care) and Sullivan County Airport (Hatzolah) are also run by well-respected leaders in the Hasidic community. Schiff and County Attorney MIke McGuire reportedly engineered the deal that brought Hatzolah to Sullivan Airport, in a deal that sources say will ultimately cost taxpayers. ).

The Times article also noted how Governor Kathy Hochul (and her predecessor, former Governor Andrew Cuomo) have failed to investigate continuous violations of the state laws that guarantee children an adequate education. They, too, bear responsibility as does the State Education Department, which reportedly silenced employees who wanted to shine a light on the problem.

For those who play the foolish “upstate vs downstate” rivalry game, the NY Times article drives home the very important point that what happens in Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel impacts life in Sullivan - and not just during the summer.


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