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"I don't make promises I can't keep," Legislature Chair Rob Doherty stated in a December 2020 newsletter to residents.

Well, Doherty promised to work with the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association to renegotiate their contract until word came out today that there's a resolution on Thursday's agenda to eliminate that contract.

So there's that.

Then, there's the reprehensible head games that he and County Attorney Michael McGuire have been playing with the heroic front line workers at the Adult Care Center and its residents by trying to unload the County-run facility to a private entity in the middle of a pandemic.

He also seems hellbent on destroying the reputations of two legislators who have challenged his authority regarding The Care Center. Doherty called a special meeting of the Legislature for this Thursday to discuss an ethics complaint (that can only be described as politically motivated) against Legislator Luis Alvarez.

One government source said that Doherty went ballistic inside the government center last week after watching The SullivanTimes video interview with Alvarez and his attorney, Michael Sussman. A few hours later, Doherty had called that special meeting. (It's believed to be unprecedented for an ethics complaint in Sullivan to be discussed in public since it's considered a personnel matter).

But, then, Doherty decided it was a good idea to go on Facebook to further attack the former chair's reputation and engage with residents on the issue. That didn't go so well for him and HIS reputation.

When you look back on his first year in the position, Doherty has used deceit, threats and bullying to ram through pet policies without the input of other legislators.

A group of activists known as "The Truth Squad" have been a formidable check on Doherty's behavior. Surely they will be present this Thursday.

Doherty has proven time and again that he can't be trusted. He has instilled fear into the government employee population, has played with the lives of the most vulnerable residents and has a warped sense of legislative priorities.

Sadly, there's another three years of his reign of terror.

But that doesn't mean residents by the thousands can't join the growing chorus online and in person to let him know there are consequences for his behavior and policies that have violated then public trust.

And while the protests grow, some of the anger needs to be directed, too, at County Manager Josh Potosek for his decisions, indecisions and complete failure to communicate effectively on the big issues facing the County.

Below: Rob Doherty as a meeting earlier this year.


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