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  • Rich Klein

EDITORIAL: Doherty-led Legislature Censoring Public and Other Legislators

The Rob Doherty- led Legislature today achieved the following:

Legislature Chair Rob Doherty, in second row at center, continues his efforts to cut off some legislators from basic information while further censoring the public.

-Decided that department heads will no longer have to attend public meetings to keep citizens informed.

-Decided to approve a revamped social media policy that will eliminate all comments from the public on its Facebook page and other social media channels operated by the County.

-Shut off the live stream near the end of the Legislature's Executive Committee meeting when Legislator Joe Perrello expressed great anger over the decision to halt the practice of department heads making appearances at Legislature meetings unless asked.

Doherty also had the nerve to accuse Legislator Luis Alvarez of not reading department head reports - after Alvarez said that Doherty and his majority have an obligation to inform all legislators about a proposed change to any policy.

This is once again another vile example of Doherty (with the help and support from Legislature Vice Chair Mike Brooks and Legislators George Conklin III, Nicholas Salomone Jr. and Alan Sorensen) censoring the public and some legislators.

It is NOT an exercise in good government or democracy.

But Doherty is counting on one thing: that most citizens either won't pay attention to any of this or not enough residents will raise hell about it.

Prove him wrong.


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