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EDITORIAL: Doherty & Loyalists Waste Taxpayer Time, Diss DA Galligan & Her Office

Most people who follow this page know that we've been a harsh critic of District Attorney Meagan Galligan that began with what we saw as a mishandling of the case of Isaac Kantrowitz and, later, for her promoting an endorsement from a campaign supporter who poked fun of the Black Lives Matter movement with a disgusting meme.

It was also of great concern that the registered Democrat was too darn cozy with Sheriff Mike Schiff and Undersheriff Eric Chaboty, who control Republican politics.

Yet, since she took office, we also know that she has a colossal responsibility to achieve justice and to protect the people of Sullivan County - amid controversial bail reform and discovery reform.

Today, the arrogant leader of the County Legislature - Rob Doherty - with an assist from clueless Majority Leader Alan Sorensen - forced the extremely overstretched DA to remain at a Human Resources Committee meeting for some 90 minutes where she had to fight Doherty and Sorensen over what amounts to a very small amount of money to bring her staff back to normal strength. This, while the violent crime rate in the County has soared.

And Doherty even had the nerve to tell Galligan that she failed to call him back recently regarding a deal that Galligan thought was already finalized with Doherty about ADA salaries and staff.

Galligan correctly pointed out to Doherty that on the day that he texted her, demanding her attention, she was busy running from court to court, handling prosecutions that protect the public.

Doherty, again, has a warped sense of who he is and has continually disrespected the District Attorney, who also oversees every law enforcement agency in the County.

Doherty and his four other reliable votes (Legislators Michael Brooks, George Conklin III, Nicholas Salamone Jr., and Sorensen) continue to demonstrate that they are running a legislative circus that insults the intelligence (and consistently wastes valuable time) of Galligan and every member of the public.

And that represents a significant waste of taxpayer dollars that Doherty say he cares about most.



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