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District Attorney Meagan Galligan has not appeared before the County Legislature's Public Safety and Law Enforcement Committee AT ALL at in 2022, including yesterday.

You can look it up. Five meetings, no Galligan.

District Attorney Meagan Galligan, now running to become a State Supreme Court justice in the Third Department.

One time, Undersheriff Eric Chaboty said that Galligan was working on a murder investigation.

But what about the other four meetings?

You know what Galligan has time for? For appearing on Ciliberto and Friends and giggling. She had time this morning, apparently.

Regardless of what Galligan thinks of the poor leadership of the County Legislature, and we don't blame her for that, she has a civic responsibility to at least submit a written report to the Committee each month. She hasn't.

Of course, she's now running to become a State Supreme Court judge so don't expect her anytime soon to make a public report to the Legislature in writing or in person.

But she doesn't miss opportunities to advance her name recognition on talk radio for political purposes the same weeks in which she was on the agenda of the Public Safety Committee.

Shame on Committee Chair Nicholas Salomone Jr. for never making a public statement about Galligan's chronic absenteeism or at least asking for a regular written report.

And shame on Thunder 102 for not asking her questions about the work of the DA at a time when violent crime everywhere is on the rise.


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