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EDITORIAL: Jake Lang Trying to Revise History About His Actions on January 6

Jake Lang at the Capitol on January 6 wearing gas mask and holding baseball bat and police shield.

Narrowsburg native Edward Jacob Lang - who actively participated in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and who later tried to recruit others for additional violence leading up to Joe Biden's inauguration - announced this week that he was starting a hunger strike as of yesterday (Monday, January 31).

Lang, 26, has been incarcerated since January 16, 2021 when he was arrested at his home in Newburgh by FBI agents. Now, he's protesting his continued lockup and alleged poor treatment while there. (Lang filed an appeal for his release in early October with the U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, but it was rejected).

He is facing a multi-count indictment of federal charges for his actions on January 6, that he documented and bragged about on social media that day that included live video streams. A freelance photographer also captured an image of Lang holding a bat in one hand and a Capitol Police shield in the other. The government alleges that Lang struck multiple officers that day.

Lang is one of about 768 defendants who were arrested at the Capitol, making it the largest dragnet from a singular event in U.S. history.

Nearly 200 have plead to lesser charges but Lang rejected a deal that was offered and is now awaiting trial.

Although the son of former Town of Tusten council member Ned Lang decries his treatment inside the D.C. Jail, he has been permitted to use a computer and audio equipment there enabling him to broadcast conspiracy theories and propaganda. He has also posted much from "Psalms of Christ" - yet conveniently forgets that Jesus was entirely peaceful.

We've read much of his lawyer's documents, too. The bulk of them repeatedly twist the facts about what happened that day - facts that Americans who want to get to the truth - can see with their own eyes from the videos and body cam footage that have been collected. And it's laughable that they state that Lang is a hero and good person because he supposedly saved another rioter from a police beating. That's strange because we only saw police that day defending themselves, backpedalling often and trying to survive an angry mob that by far outnumbered law enforcement for most of the day

And, no, Ned Lang, your son's proclivity for violence on that day had little to do with drug addiction and much more by your poor example of spending lots of money supporting a narcissistic, hateful former President who sought to destroy democratic institutions while in office and who tried to illegally overturn legitimate Election Day results as he left that office.

Ned Lang, former Town of Tusten council member, at right, with former President Donald Trump.

Sadly, former President Trump sent a dangerous message a few days ago when he said he would pardon the January 6 defendants if got back in office. Many of those defendants are trying to use as their defense strategy - that they were just following orders from their leader.

As my late father used to say: "If someone told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it? "

Lang is back for a status conference before District Court Judge Carl Nichols later this month.


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