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Below is a sample from a new federal court filing (September 17) by the attorneys for Edward Jacob Lang, the 26-year-old Narrowsburg native who participated in the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol and then bragged about it on social media.

Lang is due back in court this Monday for another hearing before Judge Carl Nichols.

Here are just a few of the many bizarre statements in "Defendant Lang's Reply Memorandum In Support of Bond Motion:"

- "More people would have died on January 6th, but for Jacob Lang."

-"Jake’s conduct was selfless, kind and establishes that Jake is a good person, and good people still exist in this world." (This is the second time in court filings that the attorneys have used this line)

Lang's attorneys may have some solid legal ground to stand on when it comes to the government's acknowledged technical problems and delays in getting defense counsel discovery materials they are entitled to.

But that doesn't change what Lang did on January 6 - which he documented himself - and his attempts for a week following the riots in attempting to recruit others online to commit more violence in the future.

And it doesn't change the fact that two and a half weeks before January 6, Lang was in Lima Ohio beating up one of his childhood friends from Sullivan County and also driving under the influence of alcohol.

Judge Nichols needs to keep Lang in jail until his trial because he has demonstrated that he has a violent streak that showed up in Ohio in December 2020 and again on January 6, with bat in one hand and police shield in the other. His drug addiction (acknowledged by his father, former Town of Tusten council member Ned Lang) may be part of his problems but not every addict commits violence against law enforcement in multiple incidents captured by video cameras.

His attorneys ask the judge to look at the "totality" of what happened on January 6 but a judge can also look at what Lang did in December 2020 as part of that totality, which is documented in Lima, Ohio Police Department reports and published exclusively by The SullivanTimes.

As for conditions in the DC Jail, where Lang is being held, yes, conditions seem to be below standards but not much unlike what inmates endured for decades at the former Sullivan County Jail.

Maybe a federal judge can get involved an order the administrators to fix what's wrong so that inmates are treated with more humanity.

Many are trying to whitewash history about what happened on January 6 and Lang's attorneys are certainly now part of that anti-democratic movement.

If you love this country and respect law enforcement, you will NOT join that chorus of alternative facts and stand with the Capitol Police who were attacked that day by a mob that included Jake Lang.


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