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  • Rich Klein

EDITORIAL: Not Just Garnet Health's Problem. Where's The County Leadership?

Garnet Health has to find homes for residents of its Skilled Nursing Facility, which was originally slated to close in two days but which now will stay open until mid October.

But where will they go in October?

No nursing facility in Sullivan currently has the staff to handle new residents/patients and ditto for the Mid Hudson region.

The administration at Garnet had to know that a few months ago as Covid raged and as every hospital/nursing home has faced severe shortages.

But this is not just a problem for Garnet.

What are County officials doing about it and saying about it?

Publicly, nothing thus far.

Maybe they think if they don't talk about it, people won't pay attention.

Nice try.

We're talking about it here and will continue to do so until County Manager Josh Potosek, County Health & Family Services Commissioner John Liddle , County Legislature Chair Rob Doherty and Health & Family Services Chair Nadia Rajz start explaining what they are going to do about this crisis.

And that's just one of many healthcare crises the County faces today and will face in coming weeks.

The terminations at Garnet/Harris that occurred yesterday should have been on the agenda of yesterday's Special Meeting of the Legislature. It was not.

Shame on them for failing to address a real emergency -again.


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