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  • Rich Klein


Donald Trump lost. Legally and soundly.

One year ago today, he urged his supporters to march to the Capitol to “stop the steal” and to fight or they wouldn’t have a country left.

And then he went back inside to watch television coverage of Capitol Police fighting for their lives to stop a mob from entering the Capitol. A noose on a constructed gallows was literally set up outside and some were calling for Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be murdered. Congress members and their staffs had to be evacuated and hidden from the mob. Hundreds of officers were injured that day and five people died.

Locally, Narrowsburg native Edward Jacob Lang bragged about being a participant in the riots and he remains detained in DC. The judge in his case had denied his release based on a body of evidence that included Lang holding a bat in one hand and a police shield in the other.

The government also has evidence that it believes shows Lang repeatedly striking officers. The conspiracy theorists will continue their sick attempt at revisionist history regarding what we all know we witnessed live and in subsequent videos.

And sadly , too many Republicans in this country are falling in line with the lies because they see it as a path to power and election wins in 2024.

There is NO debating what happened on January 6 , a vile attempt by a narcissist President to spit on and ignore the peaceful transfer of power - an American tradition since our founding. All because he hates to lose and has been cheating people his entire life. (Many of us who lived and worked in Manhattan during the 80s and 90s knew this all too well).

And don’t forget how he and Roger Stone in 2000 tried to stop Sullivan County from getting a casino with more lies and then a court ordered the duo to apologize and pay New York State a quarter million dollar fine.

What happened on January 6 should never be allowed to happen again. Trump should never be allowed to hold public office again.

And those who planned the riots and participated in it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

That includes The Oathkeepers that Sullivan Undersheriff Eric Chaboty kept very busy with in 2013 because he DID indeed subscribe to many of the group’s anti-democratic views and conspiracy theories. Then, he pretended he didn’t know what they represented after January 6. That’s when he had his audios (Google “Sheryl and the Sheriff”) and videos taken down from the Internet , in which he promoted some charming conspiracy theories of his own.

Without prosecuting those who wanted to overthrow a new administration in DC and without honestly confronting Chaboty’s hold on local government, we are headed for the dismantling of this country’s (and county’s) democratic principles and the values that so many heroes fought and died for over the past 246 years.


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