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  • Rich Klein

EDITORIAL: Trump Again?

Donald J. Trump tonight announced that he is running for President in 2024.

Inciting violence and insurrection on January 6, 2021 alone should disqualify him from getting near The White House again.

He is a pathological liar who has no interest in the rule of law, democracy and its institutions. His enemies list continues to grow and one can only wonder what he'd unleash if given the power again.

The list of ethical violations and alleged crimes that he has committed before, during and after his presidency are too long to detail here.

But you know about his track record and his ego.

This is not about being Democrat or Republican or what you think of President Joe Biden.

It's about Trump's vile brand of bigotry, extreme narcissism, idiotic conspiracy theories and encouraging violence against Americans that dragged America down at home and abroad.

And when he left the White House, he put the national security of our country and our military/intelligence officers at risk by removing classified materials.

Thankfully, the Conservative media (see editorials in The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post) and many elected Republican officials are finally getting the message that Trump is a liability for the GOP.

Yet, it's bigger than that.

We all know how close we came to losing our democracy nearly two years ago when Trump supporters blindly followed a wannabe dictator's lies about a "stolen election" and invaded the Capitol, assaulting and seriously injuring law enforcement officers along the way.

Republicans need to send a message to Trump that the unhealthy love affair they had with him is over.

Americans everywhere, too, can redouble efforts to confront the continual threats to democracy, speak out against those who want to weaken it - and vote for candidates at every level of government who represent the interests of the people, instead of egomaniacs like Trump who simply hunger for the power and control.


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