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LIBERTY - Susan Southerton, the long-time director of nursing at The Care Center at Sunset Lake, told staff today that she will be retiring, according to a source with a relative who works at the facility. A second source, a county employee, confirmed the news.

The SullivanTimes left a voice mail message for Southerton earlier today to inquire about the Moderna vaccine arrival that's expected to arrive about December 29.

The County has not announced her retirement, which also raises the question about who might replace her.

Her reported departure comes almost exactly two months after new administrator Burt Kohn came onboard and a few weeks after the County officially transferred the assets of The Care Center to the Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation.

In recent months, there have been cuts to multiple nursing and other positions at the Care Center. Those cuts were handled by Stephanie Brown, the Commissioner of Health & Family Services and Sherrita Alexander, a former administrator, who abruptly resigned after The SullivanTimes reported she had likely lied about her prior work experience.

The Sunset Lake LDC, which is reviewing six companies to take over management of the Care Center, next meets January 8 and plans to go into executive session.

Legislature Chair Rob Doherty has said he wanted a new company in place by January 1, but that is unlikely to happen in the next nine days.


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