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EXCLUSIVE: Monticello Police Officer Nears Arrest On Allegations Of Excessive Force

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

(Note: This story and headline has been corrected on October 22 to refer to the officer's pending arrest. An earlier version incorrectly stated that there was a grand jury indictment. The SullivanTimes regrets the error)

UPDATE as of 11:30 am, Monday, October 4: Trooper Steven Nevel, public information officer for Troop F of the New York State Police, responded this morning only to say that District Attorney Meagan Galligan is handling all communications about the case. Galligan has not responded to this media outlet. Monticello Mayor George Nikolados has not responded.

MONTICELLO - A Village of Monticello police officer is expected to soon be arrested in connection with an incident in which the officer allegedly used a taser on an individual riding a motorized bike, a source with knowledge of the case told The SullivanTimes on Friday night.

The officer was expected to be arrested late Friday or sometime Saturday, the source said.

It is unknown at press time why the officer was in pursuit of the individual or when the incident occurred.

But evidence of the incident came from a body cam worn by an officer from Troop F of the New York State Police, who witnessed the actions of the Monticello officer, the source said. (State Police thus far are the only law enforcement agency in the County wearing body cams).

The source said that after being injured by the taser, the person who was on the motorbike "asked for help from this officer and the officer refused to help him and berated him, cursed at him and told him to leave or he’d write him numerous tickets."

The source added that the Village of Monticello PD officer was "being assisted" by a NYS (New York State) trooper but could not provide more details.

While The SullivanTimes was made aware of the Monticello police officer's identity, this media outlet is withholding the name until there is official confirmation from law enforcement and/or government officials. The identity of the State Trooper is not known.

The SullivanTimes tonight reached out to Monticello Mayor George Nikolados, District Attorney Meagan Galligan as well as Trooper Steven Nevel, the public information officer for Troop F of the New York State Police, to learn more about the incident and prosecution.



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