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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

A mandatory fatal crash hearing for retired Town of Fallsburg Justice Isaac Kantrowitz - who was behind the wheel on June 2, 2019 when he struck and killed two teenagers in Rock Hill - is now scheduled for April 9 before Administrative Judge Patrick J. Carroll of Rockland County.

Although the hearing is listed for Bronx Safety and Business Hearing at 696 East Fordham Road, 1st Floor, Hearing Room 7, it's unknown at press time if this will be a virtual hearing.

Kantrowitz, who plead guilty one week ago today to an unclassified misdemeanor of reckless driving, is scheduled to be sentenced on March 25 by State Supreme Court Justice Stephan Schick. The maximum sentence would be 30 days in jail, but sources tell The SullivanTimes that they believe it's unlikely Kantrowitz will see any time behind bars and may not even be placed on probation. Some family members of the two victims - Devin Zeininger and Justin Finkel - are expected to make statements at sentencing.

Steve Lungen, the former Sullivan County District Attorney who is the defense attorney for Kantrowitz, told Schick last week that the former Village of Woodridge trustee will never drive again.

The DMV hearing was postponed while his criminal case was pending, a spokesperson for the DMV told The SullivanTimes last year.

But before Kantrowitz was indicted last August, he was scheduled to appear for a fatal crash hearing during 2019. That hearing was postponed because Lungen was on vacation, according to the original administrative court judge. It was postponed again in 2020 due to Covid-19.


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