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Updated: Dec 25, 2021

HARRIS - Garnet Health/Catskills, which has been completely silent on its Facebook page about COVID-19 throughout December, is currently at a tipping point regarding the availability of beds for the most seriously ill patients.

According to New York State Department of Health data , 82 of the hospital's 85 "total staffed acute care beds" were occupied as of December 23. And, 10 of the hospital's 11 intensive care unit beds were also in use.

On December 22, Sullivan County Public Health Services posted a statement that said :

"The hospital is challenged with 21 residents receiving hospital care for Covid-19, 14 of them are unvaccinated, and 5 are in ICU. "

Of the 20 patients hospitalized as of Thursday, here's the age breakdown:

-3 patients ages 20-44

-3 patients ages 45-54

-2 patients ages 55-64

-3 patients ages 65-74

-7 patients ages 75-84

-2 patients 85 or older

(The most COVID patients at one time ever at Garnet Health/Catskills was 25).

In addition, the five patients in the intensive care unit on December 21 , December 22 and December 23 ranks as one of the highest number at one time since the pandemic began.

The most ICU patients in one day at the hospital directly tied to COVID was nine patients on April 8, 2020.

Regarding the 101 Sullivan County fatalities from COVID since the pandemic began, the Department of Health data shows that 62 of those deaths occurred at the hospital.


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