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Interview with Frank LaBuda, Republican Party candidate for Sullivan County District Attorney

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

LaBuda Makes His Case For DA While Responding To Attacks In 90-minute interview with The SullivanTimes

The SullivanTimes just wrapped a lengthy interview (link below) with Frank LaBuda, the Republican Party candidate for District Attorney. It was originally planned to be a debate with his opponent, Acting District Attorney Meagan Galligan, the Democratic Party candidate.

But her campaign did not respond to repeated requests since Tuesday to participate in a debate over Zoom. So, The SullivanTimes decided to use that time for an interview instead.

The interview with LaBuda today ran for about 90 minutes. It was recorded "live to tape" and just finished at 2:45 pm.

The SullivanTimes, as stated earlier and repeated here, has offered Galligan equal air time for an interview anytime between now and November 2.

UPDATE: Based on new information, LaBuda told The SullivanTimes on Sunday that Robert Green Chevrolet did, in fact, have insurance on a van that LaBuda used to transport a delegation of Turkish visitors to Sullivan County. The vehicle had been involved in an accident in New York City.


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