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  • Rich Klein

Is County Court Judge Jim Farrell Violating Judicial Ethics? There are Signs That He Is

Former District Attorney and now Sullivan County Court Judge Jim Farrell is in violation of New York State judicial ethics today by engaging in partisan political activity and by publicly endorsing a candidate for another office.

Section 100.5 (e) states: "A judge or candidate for elective office shall refrain from inappropriate political activity publicly endorsing or publicly opposing (other than by running against) another candidate for public office."

Today, a source sent a photo that's been verified to be the home where Farrell lives in Cochecton and which has signs on his property endorsing his protege, Meagan Galligan, the Acting District Attorney. She is on the Republican Party primary ballot tomorrow (Tuesday) for the District Attorney job and is being challenged by retired County Court Judge Frank LaBuda.

The SullivanTimes on Sunday endorsed LaBuda, in part because of Galligan's refusal to distance herself from her predecessor, who also breached judicial ethics while a candidate for County Court Judge when he personally attacked his opponent, Mamakating Justice Cynthia Dolan. During that campaign, Farrell was criticized by many for using misogynist words and images both at a campaign speech and in a campaign mailer masquerading as a newspaper.

In a separate editorial on Friday, The SullivanTimes harshly criticized the County Legislature for giving Galligan a free campaign appearance today at a Town Hall that is supposed to be about coronavirus - the day before her primary.


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