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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC - Narrowsburg native Edward Jacob Lang, son of former Town of Tusten council member Ned Lang, on Tuesday is expected to appear in federal court here for a status conference after an 11-count indictment for his role in the U.S. Capitol riots on January 6.

Lang, who in February plead not guilty to all the charges, will appear before Judge Carl J. Nichols.

Lang was photographed on January 6 by a freelance photographer for Magnum holding a police shield in one hand and a bat in the other and wearing a gas mask while in close proximity to Capitol Police officers.

The Newburgh resident had also posted multiple photos, videos and memes across his social media pages on January 6 and thereafter showing him near the front of the entrance to the Capitol and confronting police.

And, from January 6 until his arrest on January 16, it's alleged by law enforcement officials that he used the social media app Telegram in an attempt to recruit others for a militia group to commit further violence.

"Everyone needs to get 5 patriots in this group tonight that’s the goal 🙌🏻🇺🇸🗽,” Lang wrote in a chat on Jan. 9, one of more than 2,500 messages obtained by ProPublica. “We need each person to go out and fight for new members of this Militia like our lives depend on it.”

His father told The River Reporter that his son has had a history of drug problems and The SullivanTimes was able to confirm that with other sources, including one person who knew him from the New York City club scene.

Lang was initially detained in Orange County Jail before being placed in custody with U.S. Marshals in Washington. He's one of at least two Sullivan County men who went to the Capitol on January 6.

Grahamsville resident Corey McAbier, a bus driver for Rolling V Bus Corp., confirmed to The SullivanTimes in late January that he and his family were also in attendance in Washington, D.C. that day. But he maintains that he was not part of the violence.

"I have a right to peacefully protest and let my opinion be known as I see fit. I have never and would never participate in any violence or illegal activity in anyway, " McAbier said in an interview in late January.

McAbier, who has posted far-right conspiracy theories on Facebook and shared some of those views with students on his bus route, has been warned by Tri Valley School Superintendent Michael Williams that that he also had to wear a mask while driving the bus with students.

"I have reiterated to Mr. Vallone (Rolling V Bus owner Phil Vallone) that I expect every driver to be masked at all times while driving any of our school buses," Williams wrote.

When officials at Tri-Valley Schools learned that McAbier and his family were in Washington on January 6, he was ordered to pick up his children from school and to quarantine since he had left the state.

Meanwhile, federal officials have continued to investigate the role of The Oathkeepers' in organizing part of the violent attacks at the Capitol.

In 2013, Sheriff Michael Schiff and Undersheriff Eric Chaboty spoke before a local chapter of the militia group in Monticello. The videos of their speeches to the group were removed from YouTube soon after the January 6 events.

Below: One of the many social media posts from Edward Jacob Lang from January 6, 2021.


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