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  • Rich Klein

Lawsuit vs Monticello School District Filled With Allegations of Bullying That Were Ignored

A federal lawsuit filed last week by the parent of a high school student against the Monticello Central School District alleges a pattern of bullying that went unchecked by multiple school officials and who allegedly ignored a parent's wish to make a plan for the child to return to the school safely.

The case - focused on alleged incidents during both the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years - was filed by parent Colleen Doolan on behalf of her minor child in the Southern District of New York.

The suit alleges that the child was "a victim of relentless, incessant, verbal and physical bullying" at the hands of another student and his friends, plus a person who had graduated from the high school.

The bullying allegedly culminated in a vicious assault on the student during a music class on February 7, 2022 "with no one there to protect him and no security in place." That incident, according to the suit, was recorded by other students on their cellphones.

The suit also alleges that the victim was further traumatized when the group showed up at his home and threatened to tase him.

Doolan further alleged that when she attempted to meet with the school's principal, social worker and guidance counselor to address the bullying, her efforts were ignored.

Courtney Bonfante, the district's public information officer, told The SullivanTimes on Thursday that "the district is unable to comment on pending litigation. "

The SullivanTimes has also reached out Thursday afternoon to Doolan as well as her attorney, Michael Meth of Chester, NY.



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