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Man From Narrowsburg Posts Video of Himself Bloodied at Capitol Riots

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

BREAKING: Edward Jacob Lang, 25, son of former Town of Tusten council member Ned Lang, appears to be one of the rioters at the Capitol last week and posted videos of himself - including one in which he says "I ain't done yet" as someone wipes blood from his forehead.

In a post on his Twitter account, Lang said "I watched a woman die yesterday in front of my eyes. I saved two others from being trampled and suffocated by Capitol Police. They murdered her and tried to murder many many more. This is an act of war by TYRANTS against the American people...."

In that same Twitter post, he also wrote (in text over his photo) that he was shot "with a lethal round in the foot" and that is is shattered in multiple places, "stitches in my skull, deep cuts over my entire body - for freedom and liberty and to defend the American Constitution."

In an earlier video posted to his Facebook page (live), he said he just listened to President Trump's speech , adding that Trump won by a landslide and showed himself marching to the Capitol.

The SullivanTimes tonight reached out to Ned Lang by email for comment.

His former wife, Sari Lang, and mother of “Jake,” has a Facebook page with many “Stop the Steal” posts. Tonight. she posted: “Why can the Democrats incite violence w/o condemnation & accountability! Impeach them all! Remove their right to post on social media! Do you see the f—ing hypocrisy!”

Note: Soon after this story appeared, some of Lang's social media links from the January 6 event have been removed.

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