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Man Fatally Shot In Narrowsburg Identified As Anthony Bertolini

Narrowsburg resident John McArdle allegedly fired one shot from the second floor balcony of his home at 449 Skipperene Road soon after 1 am on Sunday that struck and killed Anthony Bertolini of Scranton, PA - who was sitting in a parked vehicle in front of the McArdle residence. That's according to a source with intimate knowledge of the incident.

Bertolini, 40, had been dating McArdle's daughter, Jennifer Rosado, 45, and the pair had stopped by the home for the second time in two days.

According to the source, Rosado had just exited the vehicle from the passenger side and was almost inside her father's home when the shot was fired through the windshield of his vehicle and struck Bertolini (sitting in the driver's seat) in the stomach. It's unknown at this time if Bertolini died at the scene or later at the hospital.

According to the source, Bertolini was a heavy user of heroin and meth and was physically abusive to Rosado, who had visible bruises around her eyes that her father reportedly noticed. The source added that McArdle had warned his daughter to stop bringing Bertolini around the family residence at Skipperene Road. (A preliminary search of criminal records shows that Bertolini was arrested and charged in Wayne, PA with aggravated assault, a felony, in 2019).

"He was dangerous," the source said of Bertolini, "always looking to steal for his addiction and he (McArdle) just didn't want him on the property." The source added that when Rosado drove up to the house with Bertolini early Sunday, her father was likely"fed up and did the unthinkable."

McArdle, 77, was reportedly arrested and taken into custody by the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office and an investigation is ongoing. Trooper Steven Nevel said Monday that Troop F, which also responded to the scene, are assisting the Sheriff's Office.

There's no information at this time about the type of weapon that was used but the source said that McArdle was a military veteran. Based on his age, it's likely he served in some capacity during the Vietnam War. A preliminary search by The SullivanTimes showed no prior criminal record associated with McArdle.

Bertolini, who had roots in Rocky Mount, VA, had a history of misdemeanor charges dating back to the early 2000s both in Virginia and in Pennsylvania. In 2008, he was sentenced by a Pennsylvania judge to serve 27 months in a state correctional facility on two counts of Possession Of Controlled Substance with intent to deliver, according to the Tri-County Independent.


Note: The SullivanTimes only published the name of the victim after confirming that his family had been notified about his death.

Below: New York State Police report from Troop F newsroom



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