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McGuire Not Letting Go of Judgeship; Seeking Review by Court of Appeals After Removal Recommendation

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

County Court Judge Michael McGuire, who was set to begin work as the new County Attorney on May 4 but then didn't show for "personal reasons," has asked the New York State Court of Appeals to review the State Commission on Judicial Conduct's recommendation to remove him from the bench. McGuire was suspended in April, with pay, pending the Court of Appeals final decision on the Commission's recommendation.

The Commission issued a scathing report in late March after an investigation into McGuire's conduct on the bench, including multiple incidents cited of ordering litigants held in contempt - and placed in handcuffs by court officers - without warning them of their behavior.

In an April 15 letter to the Court of Appeals, made public late last week, McGuire said he had been unable to meet with his attorney Stephen R. Coffey because of the "current circumstances which have challenged our system for several weeks." Neither Coffey or Court of Appeals spokesperson Gary Spencer could be reached at press time for comment about whether McGuire filed a request for appeal by May 4 and if the Court of Appeals granted that extension.

McGuire was supposed to have submitted a request for appeal no more than 30 days from the date he was informed of the Commission's recommendation, which was March 18, 2020.

Last week, County director of communications Dan Hust told The SullivanTimes that there was no start date planned for McGuire. Meanwhile, outgoing County Attorney Cheryl McCausland has continued part time.


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