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More Allegations Emerge in Livingston Manor School District Sex Abuse Case

Boy, 14, Also Unlawfully Touched Breasts of Speech Therapist & Sexually Assaulted Other Female Students, Lawsuit Alleges

Valentine, Superintendent Evans Accused of Ignoring Prior Behavior

A bill of particulars filed by the plaintiff in a sex abuse lawsuit against the Livingston Manor Central District revealed on Friday that the 14-year-old boy who allegedly abused a 7-year-old girl in a classroom earlier this year also had a history of unlawfully touching the breasts of his speech therapist - and sexually assaulted other female students in gym class.

According to the suit, Superintendent John Evans and the school gave "E.S." the authority and means to supervise, play with, and control 7-year-old female students" and was "given authority to take 7-year-old female students from class to bring them by himself to speech therapy class and sit side by side with them to play with them. "

The bill of particulars also said that while the boy was given detention once for striking a male student, Superintendent John Evans took no action when he was made aware of sexual assaults against female students, calling the allegations "unsubstantiated."

The SullivanTimes on Monday emailed the district's law firm - Drake Loeb - for comment about the latest allegations that for the first time reveal alleged inaction by speech therapist - Laure Valentine - who has been in the district for nearly a quarter century.

Adam Rodd, the attorney representing the District, responded in an email:

"It is the District's position not to comment on the specifics of issues involving on-going litigation. Nevertheless, the District categorically denies any wrongdoing on its part in this matter. "



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