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Public Health Director Nancy McGraw this morning told the County Legislature's Health & Family Services Committee that she has no idea when the next shipment of Covid-19 vaccines will arrive in the County and how many doses.

Yesterday, within two hours of the County announcing the availability of 800 doses of the vaccine, all appointments (limited to those 65 and over) were taken for those doses. Those vaccinations will take place beginning tomorrow and into early next week.

But it's clear from the brief but important discussion among McGraw, committee chair Nadia Rajsz and County Manager Josh Potosek that the order of 800 put in by Potosek to the state was in direct correlation to the current shortage of people who can administer the vaccine.

At an emergency meeting later today, there's a resolution before the Legislature to create a medical corps of volunteers to help administer the vaccinations.

Legislator Joe Perrello urged Potosek to order "2,000" vaccines in the next order and then hope to receive a third more. Potosek did not respond to that point.

(CNN reported this morning that the Biden Administration was not left any vaccination distribution plan by the departing Trump Administration).

McGraw later said that, during December, there were over 1,000 new positive cases in the County of Covid-19, up from 250 in November. She said those numbers are higher than they've been since last April and May.

"We're not out of this yet," she said.

Three Sheriff's deputies were present at the meeting, standing to the side of the room, but it's unclear why as there were no known threats to the meeting or the room.

"It's really disturbing," Ken Walter said about the presence of the three deputies. "This is intimidation. This is police state crap. And we're worried about the taxpayers' money? Give me a break. "

Legislator Nicholas Salamone Jr. said: "They're here for our protection and your protection."

To which he was met with a chorus of: "For what?"

Sandra Oxford expressed outrage at the presence of the officers.

"We are trying to improve relationships with the police and this is what you do? "

Rajsz said she did not agree to having three officers present.

Oxford again also railed at Commissioner Stephanie Brown and pointed to a harsh letter that she received last month from County Attorney Michael McGuire after she had a heated discussion with Brown at a prior meeting.


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