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Pre-Covid: Daughter Finds Her Father Dead In Dining Area Of Grand Healthcare System Rome NY Facility

Later this week, The Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation will begin meeting with four companies who want to take over management/leasing of The Care Center at Sunset Lake.

A few months ago, The SullivanTimes reported exclusively that a chain known as The Grand Healthcare System was an early bidder for the business. Tonight, editor Rich Klein had a one-hour conversation with some people whose loved ones have been residents at the The Grand's Rome, NY facility.

The people speaking in this video are: Ruth Wallace, Rosemary Morrissey, Sheron Wegter Miller and Anna Frateschi.

A link to this video is being sent tonight to The Grand Healthcare System as well as to Rob Doherty, the chair of the County Legislature in case they want to comment in response tomorrow.


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