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Rock Hill Development Team Now Proposing Two Warehouses Instead of Three - For Total of 500,000 SF

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

BREAKING: Avon Commercial Park, the warehouse project led by former Empire Resorts CEO Robert Berman, will now be scaled back from three warehouses to two, according to his development team that spoke at the Town of Thompson Planning Board tonight.

Instead of two million square feet of warehouse space, the developers now say the warehouse will consist of 500,000 square feet on the same 231 acres allocated in the prior site plan.

Those speaking on behalf of Berman tonight acknowledged that they reduced the footprint of the plan based on the heavy opposition expressed by many local residents in a flurry of emails to the Board in recent weeks. Berman's representatives also said tonight that

the public opposition was the reason that they abruptly cancelled their October 27 appearance before the Board.

The Planning Board said that it would put the warehouse portion of the project on its December 8 agenda as an action item and, at that time, it could decide to schedule a public hearing for later that month at the earliest.

The SulllivanTimes has reported exclusively that the occupant of the warehouses will be FedEx.

The plan before the Board is limited to the warehouse part of the project but have left the door open for future residential development on part of the 560 acres of land that Berman purchased in the early 2000's.

In October 2020, a site plan that included four warehouses, 48 to 50 residential parcels of five acres each, 30 guest lodges plus a restaurant, spa and fitness center was submitted to the board. It was the latest of many plans that Berman had submitted to the Thompson board since 2005. Since then, the project was reduced to three warehouses, and, tonight, that number was reduced again.

Berman's legal team at the meeting included George C. D. Duke (Brown Duke & Fogel), who did most of the talking for Berman, Steve Vegliante, who is of counsel to that law firm and Larry Wolinsky, of counsel to Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP.

At 8:38 pm, the Board concluded its regular meeting and announced that it was going to seek advice of the Board's counsel regarding the Rock Hill project.


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