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Source: Galligan Started Process of Impaneling Grand Jury But Lungen Excoriates Her 

Acting District Attorney Meagan Galligan started the process of impaneling a grand jury to investigate whether to prosecute Isaac Kantrowitz - but was recently excoriated by former District Attorney Steve Lungen in an email for doing so, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Kantrowitz was behind the wheel eight months ago today (June 2, 2019) in Rock Hill when he struck and killed teenagers Justin Finkel and Devin Zeininger, who were walking along Glen Wild Road on a Sunday afternoon after an antique car show at The Sullivan.

Neither Galligan or Lungen - who is representing Kantrowitz in his Department of Motor Vehicles fatal accident hearing --- have responded to requests for comment on the matter and it's unclear if Galligan will move forward. For the past eight months, the families of the victims have repeatedly demanded that former District Attorney Jim Farrell (mentored by Lungen) prosecute Kantrowitz. But while campaigning for County Court Judge, Farrell would only say he was waiting for the State Police report before making a decision.   

Kantrowitz was originally scheduled to attend a mandatory hearing late last year regarding his license, which was suspended in July 2019. But DMV Administrative Law Judge Walter Zulkoski told The SullivanTimes that the hearing would be rescheduled for sometime in February or March 2020 because Lungen was on vacation. 

As of today, the DMV lists that hearing only as "adjourned."

The New York State Police is the lead agency in the accident reconstruction and have sent mixed messages to this media outlet about whether that report was completed while Farrell was still district attorney. 

The SullivanTimes was the first media outlet to reveal that Kantrowitz was behind the wheel in three other accidents since 2016, including one in which a woman walking on Glen Wild Road in Fallsburg was severely injured. 



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