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  • Rich Klein

SullivanTimes on Pause Until Labor Day

Thank you to everyone who helped get our Facebook page to cross over 5,000 followers as of today and timed perfectly for this media outlet's 2nd Anniversary!

As previously noted, The SullivanTimes will be on PAUSE starting tonight (Friday) through Labor Day.

At that time, I hope to have an answer as to whether there's sufficient financial means to keep this afloat as it has been a volunteer, one-person operation since July 31, 2018.

I'm so grateful for all of you who have supported having a different voice in local journalism by your attention to what's been written and shared to here and on the Facebook page, which will go dark until September in part to prevent any cyberattacks.

Meanwhile, I'll still be checking emails at for those news items that may be timely in September and beyond.

Stay safe.

-Rich Klein/Editor/Publisher/Reporter


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