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  • Rich Klein

Troop F Arrests Five Alleged Drug Dealers

Troop F of the New York State Police arrested five alleged drug dealers between March 14 and March 22, according to a series of entries in its police blotter.

Eileen Boman, 35, of Monticello faces seven drug-related charges plus one count of endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of another unspecified weapon. It appears from the blotter entry that she was released on bail but that could not be confirmed at press time.

Derek Keysaw, 44, and Jennifer Keysaw, 43, both of Swan Lake, each face three counts related to the sale of narcotics, including a charge of Conspiracy, 4th degree. The pair were arrested on March 22 and were being detained.

Tina Esquilin, 34, of Swan Lake and Olga Santiago, 31, of Monticello were also arrested on March 22. Each were charged with two counts, including the intent to sell narcotics. Esquilin was released on her own recognizance but Santiago was being held.



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