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BREAKING: Kantrowitz Told State Police An SUV Crossed Over Double Yellow And Distracted Him

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Admits to Being Completely Blind in Right Eye

Says He Saw Kids But Could Not Avoid Hitting Them

Attorney: State Police Reports Shows Driver Inattention and Excessive Speed

Father of Devin Zeininger: Kantrowitz Could Have Hit The Brakes If He Saw Them

This is a portion of the motorist accident report that was signed by Issac Kantrowitz and submitted to DMV. 

ROCK HILL - Retired Town of Fallsburg Judge Isaac Kantrowitz told the New York State Police that an SUV crossed over the double yellow line on Glen Wild Road, which distracted him, and that caused him to hit pedestrians Devin Zeininger and Justin Finkel on June 2 in Rock Hill. He also told police that he was completely blind in his right eye that is a prosthetic device. 

Zeininger, 16,  and Finkel, 14, were killed in the incident that reportedly occurred at 3:19 pm.   

This is all according to the Department of Motor Vehicles Accident Police Accident report obtained this morning by The SullivanTimes.

The description of the accident reads as follows: 

"Justin Finkel, Devin T. Zeininger, and James D. Blair were walking Southerly with traffic on Glen Wild Road in the Town of Thompson. Operator of V-1 Isaac Kantrowitz traveling Southerly on Glen Wild Road fails to observe the males walking stating that an oncoming SUV was passing over the double yellow line causing a distraction. Kantrowitz subsequently strikes J. Finkel, and D. Zeininger from behind. Both males were propelled several yards down the roadway coming to rest in the Western ditch. V-1 then exits the West shoulder of the roadway striking the ditch and coming to rest. Due to impact, and massive internal injuries both males were deceased upon impact. J. Blair was not struck by V-1 and was uninjured. While conducting field sobriety testing on scene it was discovered through observation, and admissions by Kantrowitz that he has a prosthetic right eye causing him to be completely blind in that eye. " 

Kantrowitz also signed a motorist accident report that was transmitted to the DMV in which he stated "saw the kids in road on my side and could not avoid them. Had no place to move over went into ditch. "

The report makes no mention of the speed of Kantrowitz's vehicle (2018 Hyundai) or if any traffic tickets were issued. 

The SullivanTimes has reached out to Troop F of the New York State Police for more information about the SUV that Kantrowitz says crossed over the double yellow line. The SullivanTimes also reached out to attorneys for both victims' families late this morning. Mark L. Schuh, the attorney representing the family of Justin Finkel, said by phone that he could not comment on pending litigation.

Gregory Sobo, the attorney for the family of Devin Zeininger, late Friday said: 

"I am happy that the state police recognized that the the two causes of this tragedy are driver inattention and unsafe speed."  Sobo pointed out that two boxes checked on the accident report showed these two "apparent contributing factors," which is language used by the DMV. 

Kevin B. Zeininger, father of Devin, told TheSullivanTimes late this morning that "if he (Kantrowitz) saw them, why wouldn't he hit the brakes?" Zeininger also did not seem to believe Kantrowitz's claim that there was an SUV, calling it "imaginary." He added that District Attorney Jim Farrell as well as the Fallsburg Police Department and the Department of Motor Vehicles should be held accountable since they had the paperwork from previous accidents in which Kantrowitz was the driver.  

Bill Finkel, the father of Justin, said late Friday that he agrees "100 percent" with what Kevin Zeininger told The SullivanTimes. "I am repulsed and disgusted," Finkel said after reviewing the accident report. 

As previously reported here, Kantrowitz, 86, has had four motor vehicle accidents in three years, including one in December 2018 on Glen Wild Road when he struck and seriously injured another pedestrian. 

Farrell, who is running for County Court Judge, has declined comment on the June 2 accident and the other three incidents involving Kantrowitz. 

The June 2 accident occurred at 3:19 pm as the boys were walking home from the antique car show at The Sullivan Event Center. 

The State Police investigation is pending.


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